How To Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

April 28, 2018



According to Adweek, Twitter Click-Through-Rates (CTR) gets terrible with the more followers you have. They gave an example of a big name firm with millions of followers, Mashable. Mashable gets a CTR of 0.11% per tweet. The CTR for Facebook isn't any better, with about 0.07% per post. Email on the other hand is the real deal. It cleanly sweeps social media when it comes down to CTR, conversions, social reach and ROI.

Email marketing leads to a larger opted-in target audience which in turn leads to more visibility of your brand. More visibility of your brand leads to more conversions. To build up you email list, you need a lead magnet.


A lead magnet is an encouragement offered to potential buyers in order for them to give you their email address or other contact information. The marketer usually offers a free digital downloadable content.Simply put, a lead magnet must be something of value to your target audience. Depending on how valuable your incentive is to your target audience, they would be willing to give you their email address. Since it would enable them access the lead magnet.


Lead magnet could come up as sign-up offers, content upgrades, pdf files and other downloadable freebies. All these are instigation to make your potential customers agree to give you their email address. The lead magnet give you the opportunity to showcase tour expertise to your target audience and gain their trust that what you have to offer is of high value to them.


Getting the email address of your target audience is a transaction. You want their email, so you have to offer something in return that would be valuable enough for them to want to give you their email. If your target audience views your lead magnet as valuable, and it seems worth giving out their email address for it, then you would get the email address.


So now that you have grasped the knowledge of what a lead magnet is and the advantages you stand to benefit, your goal is to come up with a lead magnet that would make your target audience super excited.You would have to be creative about your lead magnet. Ideally your lead magnet should've exclusive to you that your target audience can only get it from you. The greater the value of your lead magnet, the greater the incentive it is to your target audience. To build an irresistible lead magnet, match your current lead magnet or new idea to this list.


1. Does it add value?

The greater the value the more tour target audience would be willing to jump in. Your target audience should be able to expect bothered perceived value and actual value from your lead magnet. And just having something of value is not enough, it must be well presented too.


2. Is this the best possible idea?

Thoroughly scrutinize the lead magnet you have generated and ask yourself if it is the best possible idea you could come up with on the subject matter. Make research, find out what your target audience lack and offer solutions to their needs.


3. Is it specific?

Your lead magnet shouldn't be general. It shouldn't be on a vague topic. Your leas magnet should carve a niche. The more specific your lead magnet the better you would be able to capture the attention of your target audience.


4. Does it solve any problem?

Your lead magnet should be able to solve problems of your target audience. The problems solved should be both immediate and in the long run.


5. Is it easy to access?

Your lead magnet should be easily accessible. It should be devoid of unnecessary hassles. Your lead magnet should be offered immediately to your target audience as soon as they have opted in for your offer.


6. Does it project authority?

Naturally, your lead magnet should project expertise. When potential customers visit your page, they want to know that you are an expert in this field. They want to be certain that what you are offering is the best possible out there because it is your area of expertise.


7. Does it evoke emotional reaction?

Your lead magnet should be able to evoke emotional reaction from your target audience. Your target audience should be overwhelmed that what they are getting is for free and would be able to solve their problem. Emotional reaction is very important.


Finally, when you start working with lead magnet, focus on what your goal is: a faithful list of target audience from your niche. If you already have a list of some target audience, you could make a survey. Ask them what they would be interested in and in what content form they would want it available. This way you could gather more ideas for the perfect lead market.

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