Video Marketing and How It Will Generate Over 80 % of Internet Usage this Year 2018

April 11, 2018

Video Marketing and How It Will Generate Over 80 % of Internet Usage this Year 2018 Video marketing has recently become one of the most effective marketing techniques for businesses on the internet. The digital marketing world has been witnessing the efficacy of video marketing for some time now. Video contents have significantly increased the number of internet usage. Currently, video makes up of about 70% of global internet traffic.  


In 2018, there are reports that suggested that video content will further improve the percentage of internet usage to about 80%. Video contents will only be more popular in the nearest future. As a matter fact, statistics shows that eight out of every ten persons that watch a promotional video ends up buying the product.


The effectiveness and importance of video marketing has for long been known to business marketers. Marketers are now using video contents to build brand identity, increase their target audience, secure valuable leads and improve sales conversions.


Most people prefer video contents to written content simply because sounds and visuals are easily processed by the human brain than written text. Video marketing has the capabilities to easily attract user’s attention and improve the inbound traffic to websites.


In the marketing world today, video content has been the focal point for both customers and businesses. Video marketing is high recommended for small businesses that are willing to reach greater heights in their industry. Now let’s take a look at how video marketing will improve the internet usage in 2018.


Improves conversion and sales – Over time, video marketing has impacted positively on conversion and sales. The fact video easily attracts attention and is more explanatory, digital marketers are leveraging them to increase sales and expand brand awareness. The effectiveness of videos on conversions and sales can easily be ascertain by comparing social media pages and websites that post more video content to pages that don’t. Video contents make users to feel more involved and connected to a brands communication. The use of video as a marketing tool has spontaneously increased in 2018.


Helps in building trust – Businesses now frequently used videos to explain how to use their products or to review their product or services for other customers to see. By using videos to show the usage or review of a product, it builds trust, the users will be more convinced about the product. Thereby, this positively influences the buying behavior and eventually boosts sales for businesses and brands. Explaining how to make use a product offers more knowledge to the users. They will know how to use the product and also how the product will work for them. Most big online stores like Amazon and Nykaa use videos to advertise their products.


Perfect for Social Media post - Without doubt, sharing or posting more video content on social media help to spruce up your profile and at the same time enables you to reach  larger target audience. Video contents are the most used social media content plan today. They create a long lasting impact and are more engaging than written text. Brands and businesses are now making use of videos for marketing on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.


Improves Website Dwell Time – Videos make visitors to spend more time on your website, thereby increasing the dwell time of your website. The dwell time is the time spent by visitors on your website. It is one of the analytic tools that are use by search engine to rank websites. Once your website’s dwell time improves, as a result, the site SEO ranking also improves.


Another point to note is the fact that videos are more engaging and easily understood. There’s high tendency that visitors will spend more time on your site if it contains videos.  Video contents also make it easier for users to remember your product or service when they have a need for it. Bounce Rate - One other benefit of using video contents is that it helps to reduce websites bounce rate. Businesses have adopted the use of videos as a solution for bounce rate. They now make use of video on their landing pages. When users visit these landing pages they are compelled to spend time on the pages because they want to see the video. This shows the effectiveness of video marketing. Websites with videos ranks well on search engines, and as a result of this, there’s increase in inbound traffic.


Good Return On Investment – Video marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing that generates maximum return on investment. With video content increasing the inbound traffic of your website, it is expected that there will be more response from the visitors. More responses mean increase in conversions and sales. As a result, the return on investment can be maximized.


Some key statistics of Videos marketing in 2018

  • 90% of internet users says video can influence them to make buying decision

  • Landing pages with video increase conversions up to 80%

  • By mentioning the word ‘video’ in your email subject increases the open rate by 19%

  • 87% of digital marketers make use of video content in their marketing strategies

  • 35% of all online marketing ad budgets are spent on video ads

  • In 2017, 74% of all internet traffic is video

  • Between 2018 and 2019 80% of all internet traffic will come from video

  • One third of all the time people spent on the internet is devoted for watching video

  • Over half a billion users watch videos on Facebook each day (Forbes)

  • 64% of target audience often buy a product online after watching video about it

  • There are four times more users that prefer to watch a video about a brand than those who prefer to just read about it.

  • By 2021, 13% of internet traffic will involve people watching live videos.

Video Marketing Volume Statistics for 2018

  • 82% of all Twitter visitors watch video content on Twitter

  • Over a billion people use YouTube, which is equivalent to one-third of total internet traffic.

  • 45 percent of Facebook and YouTube users watch more than one hour videos a week.

  • More than half a billion hours of videos is watched on YouTube every day.

  • In just 30 days more videos are uploaded on the internet than the major TV networks in US have made in 30 years.

  • In a minute, more than 72 hours of videos are uploaded by users to YouTube.

  • 85 percent internet users in the United States watch videos online.

  • According to Cisco, 17,000 hours (one million minutes) of video content would have passed through the global IP networks by the year 2021.

  • Men and Women within 25 -34 years of age watches the most videos online. And men expend 40 percent more time than women watching videos online

Mobile Video Marketing Statistics

  • More than half of video contents are watched on mobile phones.

  • 92 percent of people who watch video on their mobile share it with others.

  • 90 percent of video views on Twitter is on a mobile device.

  • Periscope users have created over 200 million broadcasts.

  • People watch about 10 million videos on Snapchat daily.

Video Marketing Engagement Statistics

  • 51 percent of professional digital marketers worldwide say video as the kind of content that generates the best ROI.

  • Marketers who make use of video contents increase their revenue 49% faster than the non-video users.

  • 64 percent of users make a purchase after they have watched promotional videos of brands (tubular insights)

  • 59 percent of executives say they will choose video over text if both are offered on the same topic.

  • Videos generate 1200 percent shares on social media than text and images combined.

  • As of June 2017, the numbers of views on video content have increased 99 percent on Youtube and 258 percent on Facebook. (tubularinsights)

  • Video makes a 157 percent increase in organic traffic from SERPs.

  • Videos up to 120 seconds in length attain the most engagement.

Video marketing impact on brands

Video marketing is very critical to effective marketing strategies. Businesses and brands that understand and know how well to use video content will increase their brand engagement. As a matter of fact, more than 50 percent of all businesses are using video in their marketing policy. Brands and businesses that have move from text-based display advertising to video advertising have great chance of converting more leads to sales, most especially if they use it on mobile platforms.


In conclusion, video marketing is taking the center stage in online marketing. The internet and the social media will experience a significant increase in the number of video content uploads in 2018. Digital marketers that want to be successful in the marketing domain are using videos to achieve their business aims. They are utilizing videos for great business impact and output and thereby, generating more leads and sales.









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