April 11, 2018


Are you tired of using SEO techniques that are not improving the inbound traffic of your website? We will be discussing some great search engine optimization techniques that you can use to boost your website inbound traffic with little effort.  And also most of these techniques will provide you the opportunity to increase the search engine rankings of your website.

Websites that are user friendly or that have high usability are normally greatly rewarded by search engines. For instance, Google favors websites that are rich in keywords as well as demonstrated a good user engagement. When visitors view more pages, spend more time on your site and frequently repeat their visits, the SEO ranking improves. The more user-friendly your website is, the more the likely your website traffic is.

Let’s have a look at some of the tactics that not only increase your website usability but also help improve the SEO ranking:

1.            Keyword Research

One of the most effective ways to get inbound traffic to your website as well as to increase your target audience is to get the right keywords for your websites pages and use them in the contents.

This tactics in not intended to only generate huge amounts of traffic but to also increase conversions focusing on search queries that will eventually end in sales. So, instead of relying only the main keywords use long- tail keywords that will carry more weight. It may be true that most people don’t search for long-tail keywords, but these keywords surely increase conversions.  

How do you generate a list of effective keyword variations?

With the SE Ranking keyword suggestion tool, you can easily generate and see different keyword variant and long-tail keywords. This will enable you to view pages with high traffic and ranking of keywords in organic search. You can as well make use of the Google AdWords which is purposely designed for keywords bidding.

Basically, to research and get good keywords requires hard work, creativity, the use of professional tools to grasp keyword variations and the use of phrase match to gather a list of relevant terms.

2.            High quality relevant content

When you provide relevant and useful content on your website, there is always a tendency that visitors will stay a little bit longer to go through the information that you’ve provided. This therefore, increases the dwell time and it can influence the SEO ranking. One other reason why you should use high quality informative content is that when visitors bookmark your content on Chrome web browser, your website SEO ranking will improve on Google.

3.            Using outbound links

You can make your web content more relevant by linking out to other authority sites for more comprehensive information your audience can relate with. Linking out to other websites will not only improve the relevance of your web content but also increase the time spent by visitors on your website. This will also send a positive signal to Google thereby, improving the website SEO ranking. However, it is also important to note that too many outbound links are off-putting and make the content more difficult to read through.

Wikipedia and Dmoz are high authority site you should  get link from, though it could challenging. Links from Wikipedia or Dmoz could be a great benefit for your website. Try to submit your website information yourself or rather try to get the links submitted by an insider.

4.            Avoid broken links

Another thing to consider is to ensure that there are no broken links on your website. Nobody would like to get a 404 error page after clicking on a link. Search engines consider broken links as an indicator for an old, abandoned site and this will create a negative impact on your SEO ranking. Not only that, broken link made for bad usability. Fortunately, you don’t have to manually test the link to every page of your website. There are many tools or apps that help to ensure your website is free from broken links, such as Google webmaster tool, Screaming frog SEO spider and W3C link checker.

5.            Page load speed

One of the website ranking algorithms used by both Google and Bing is the page-loading speed.  The speed at which the pages of your website come up may increase or decrease the number of visits. Users may be discouraged to leave your site if they have wait for a while before the page to loads. This will affect your dwell time, reduced the pages viewed and also increase your bounce rate. All these will hurt your SEO rankings.

There are several ways to improve the page load speed of your website, these include

  • optimizing the size of images,

  • using a caching plug-ins,  

  • ensure the codes are clean and streamlined,

  • reduce the number of plugins

  • by minimizing redirects.

6.            Readability

Ensure to make the text content of your website to be very simple and readable. Make use of straightforward and easy to understand words in your write-ups. Even if your audiences are well-educated, they definitely don’t want to be going through a PhD thesis whenever they read the content of your website. If your content is too difficult to digest, your visitors may likely give up and click away. SEO experts also think that sometimes Google considers readability when ranking web pages. Readability statistics in Microsoft Word, and The Readability Test Tool, are some of the tools you can use to test the readability of your content.

7.            Social Media Sharing

Users can easily share your website content by adding the different social media sharing icons on your website, not only does this improve the customer experience, it can also help you rank higher on search engines. Social media is the ideal way to direct your audience to your page or sales email, it is an excellent way to lead visitors through the journey that result to conversions. It was reported that about 43% of social media consumers after liking or sharing a product on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest ended up buying it. While, 40% of Facebook users eventually purchase an item after liking, commenting or sharing it.

8.            Forum Marketing

There is a need for you to get involved in Forum Marketing in order to get feedbacks from your customers. Business owners and customers share their views and ideas with each others on marketing forums. Forums is the ideal place where prospective customers products or services that are identical to yours. Forum marketing gives you the opportunity to chat with people and to be able to proffer solutions to their problems. . It is a great place to stimulate business relationships

Tips to succeed in forum marketing

  • You need to make your business appear as a solution provider

  • Build relationship with your customers by providing the right answers to their questions

  • Have strong connection with the industry experts and specialist.

  • Seek advice and contribute something valuable to the forum discussion

  • Go through your competitors post and check what links they have.

  • Offer free trials of your service or products

  • Provide information about your products or service without going against the rules and policies of the forum.

Here are a few SEO web usability factors that can affect your website ranking

Effectiveness – Your website visitors should be able to achieve their objectives when they visit your website. Did your site provide the visitors the right information they need? Can they order the products or service they desire? or can the users contact the company for customer service? These are questions an effective website should provide answers to.

Efficiency - Apart from being able to achieve their aim, how fast and easy can a user complete a task? Visitors are more likely to navigate away, if they can’t effectively and efficiently find what they need on your website. Like we’ve said earlier, if the dwell time of your visitors is less, it’ll affect the SEO ranking negatively.

Learnability – How conveniently can visitors navigate your website? Visitors don’t have to spend much time to know how to use your site. They should be able to spend lesser time navigating through your site and spend more time consuming information about your products or services. When your visitors can’t find what they need, they may get frustrated and go away without coming back.

Memorability –

Can users find your website whenever they go onto a search engine? Repeat traffic can boost your Google ranking. Your site keyword should be memorable enough so that users can easily search for your site when they need it again. 

Error Prevention: Error pages on a website will affect not only the customer user’s experience but also the SEO ranking. Your website must do away with a broken link that is no longer in use. You must avoid a 404 Page Not Found error and a link that says something different to what its displayed.


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