April 11, 2018

Advancement in technology over the past years introduced new software and items to the public and one of such is the internet. When the internet was first launched and introduced to customers, everyone loved one of its best performing feature – the email not forgetting that special feeling that comes when logged on to an AOL few minutes after agonizing squeal, you’ll be treated to a wonderful phrase “you’ve Got Mail”. This was on the lead and fastest growing point which breaches communication gap amongst entrepreneurs and consumers not until in recent times when the use of social media and many other online marketing strategies sets in through digital marketing.

As digital marketing experiences a drastic growth with the use of social media, search engine optimization, video contents, blogs and many others, entrepreneurs have begin to question the long-term existence of e-mail marketing.There are many questions on the lips of most business owner ranging from does the use of email still boost my business? However efficient is email marketing since it is now loosing trend? Do people still find time to log into their email account with these fast rising platforms taking the lead in today’s online store?. Relax because this guide is bent on bringing to your notice the important information about email marketing and many purpose it can serve you. Before we go into deep details, YES the use of email is still trending and in vogue so if you have got your password don’t misuse it yet as you are about to learn more. Let’s  gets clear insight about what email marketing literally means.

What is email marketing?

Simply put that email marketing is any marketing strategy in which businesses uses to send promotional messages to a group of prospects or customers through and electronic mailing device. This means of marketing is always termed as direct marketing because you communicate one on one with your prospect though not a physical communication but via messages. It also allows for a chat session where you can perform business operation within few minutes with the use of instant messaging and achieve a done deal. Looks so easy and appealing?

Many business owners are consumed that a lot of email users have dumped their email accounts for their new trending social media account and much more. Let me stun you a little – the fact remains that amidst the varying number of social medias arising, do you know that there are about 4.3 billion email accounts that sends out over 196 billion emails on a daily basis? Over 91% of consumer jump into their email account daily. With this fast arising number of daily users, I guess you are certain that email account is still alive, hence, making email marketing a trending tool to achieving success in your business venture. Having learnt much about email marketing, let’s dive a it into what importance email marketing serves us as well as our businesses.

Importance of email marketing in today’s market world

After reading the various importance of email marketing, you will certainly believe that the use of email is not yet dead. It is never a disputed fact to say that it is in its evolutionary stage coming out bigger, better and stronger. Here are the many importance you derive when you use email marketing to put your business on the go irrespective of size.

  • Cost effective – A huge advantage of applying the use of email marketing is its low cost. Email marketing requires no print outs, ads or running cost as you can send message to as low as 1 penny per post or pay on a monthly basis with an unlimited free access. That sounds great to the ears of most entrepreneurs right? Using email marketing keeps you off huge charges on reaching your business out to the world.

  • Segmentation, a possibility - Once your email list is segmented, it allows you to take personalization of your email to a whole new level. Examples of data that you can use to target different segments of your email list, hence, sending out more relevant and personalized contents includes geographic, behavioral and demographic which are all past purchases. This is a wow experience you never knew could be feasible with email marketing.

  • Keeps you personal with your targeted audience –Digital marketing sets your business on air waiting to see who’s coming but with email marketing, it’s a totally different case. Email marketing creates a personal relationship between you and your targeted customer because you get to talk one on one via personalized constructed messages. The best part here is that you know your customer and your customer knows you which helps you talk business at its peak.

  • Provides a high return on investment (ROI) –With respect to campaign monitor, a recent study shows that every $1 spent on email marketing generates $38 on ROI, competitively high I guess. This typically deduces how cost effective email marketing could be especially to smaller business venture working with smaller budgets. In a but shell, one can comfortably say that email marketing tactics is the best tactics to employ in smaller business due to its relatively low cost which makes it possible to maintain without spending a fortune yet reaching the world with your business idea

  • Emailing is an efficient way to reach mobile customers –There is no limit to what is achievable with email marketing unlike most marketing strategies as you can easily access and perform operational goals from any destination with using you mobile phones. This is commendable for workaholics as your business experiences no dull moment. Using emails for mobile marketing is far more better than SMS and most social platforms because

  • They are free for consumers

  • Have more space content for SMS

  • Works perfectly well on mobile devices than other phones.

  • Social media is just an addition – When you realize that you don’t own social media or followers on social media as they could just walk away at any point in time then you realize how amazing email marketing is to your business. Using the new market strategies enhances your business’s growth no doubt but never let go off your emails as they would become useful to you someday.

  • Easy to use – There’s nothing spectacular than using a software which is very easy to use as you need no necessary technical back up to get started. Getting started with the email marketing campaign all is required of you is a little of your time or the time of the person doing the job for you. Its that simple and keeps your business on the trademark in line for success.

  • Integration – Email marketing can be integrated by internal systems allowing businesses link email marketing data such as social media, CRMs, website analytics and much more. Integration of email marketing enables businesses to understand and profile their consumers as well as showing us the impact of emails on other marketing channels.

  • Consumers wants your email address – This is a practical sum up as most business deals today will simply ask for your email address. No one comes up to you for a business transaction and asks for your Facebook ID or twitter handler but on more occurring occasion, for a formal and more legally presented business to be successfully career out, 60% of consumers we meet literally ask for our email address which makes our transaction more professional.

  • Automation - An important tool for relevant personalized email marketing which is the cornerstone for successful triggered and nurturing campaigns. An advancement in email marketing software has made this evenly possible at an affordable rate accommodating smaller business ventures.

  • It is measurable –The easier and safest way to know if your online marketing strategy is working out for you is to measure it. This is feasible with email marketing and in the nearest future, its analytics will help track all activities going on your email account. It shows who visited, who clicked and who wants a feedback. This helps you directly measure your success or failure rate. It tells you how your business have improved and vice versa. What else are you looking for if not directly tracking your business from the comfort of your email. An amazing tool your business must own come 2020.

Email marketing a desired tool your business is looking out for achieving a success rate. Creating a good platform for your business which gives you effective communication amongst your customers is one thing you should strive to achieve. Set a goal for your business means capturing your audience, get in contact with them, establish a business oriented platform and finally seal off a deal. This is important and productive steps you must conquer to be at the top an this is achievable with email marketing. Don’t e left in the dark, email marketing has once been in vogue, is still trending and will be trending with new advanced features. Give your business the best because it deserves nothing but the best.





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