Understanding Facebook Analytics

April 7, 2018

What is Facebook Analytics?

It is a free analytics tool provided by Facebook to help you understand more about your Facebook Page’s posts and audience/customers.

Facebook analytics provides you with all the vital data you require to optimize your page’s performance.

As its name implies, the tool allows advertisers gather customer information about their target audiences.

The idea is to give marketers trends about their current or prospective customers across Facebook, allowing them to design their marketing messages based on what the tool surfaces.

Facebook analytics has been around since 2013 when Facebook first acquired Atlas in order to utilize its capabilities in its data area. On the 25th of May, 2015, Facebook launched Analytics for App - in order to let developers and marketers improve their services,  by helping them understand their traffic across multiple devices as they interact with their businesses. Facebook improved on it's analytics tools in 2017 with automated insights and custom dashboards - making it very easy for developers and marketers to constantly monitor important metrics while adding value to individual insights.

The tool gives insights about users in the underlisted categories:

Demographics: Age and gender, lifestyle, education, relationship status, job role, and household size.

Page Likes: The top Pages people like in various categories.

Location and Language: Where people reside and the languages they speak.

Facebook Usage: How often people in the target audience make use of Facebook and which devices they use.

Purchase Activity: Past consumers purchase behavior and methods (online vs offline).

=>This guide will bring to your understanding the value of Facebook Analytics and hopefully encourage you to use it always.

Here are some answers to FAQs by people new to Facebook Analytics:

How to Access Facebook Analytics

Log on to your Facebook Page and click on the ‘Insights’ option at the top of the page.

From the Insights section of your Page, you would have access to a huge deal of information that will help you evaluate and analyze your past, present, and future Facebook strategy.

Why use Facebook Analytics?

While many areas of social media campaigns are hard to measure, Facebook’s analytics tools provide quality data/information at your fingertips.

With More than two billion people on Facebook, its analytics solution provides rich, unique audience insights, strong reports like conversion funnels and retention curves, and automated insights.

 It is sensible for your business to utilize this huge potential audience. Facebook Analytics will provide you with everything you would want to know about your Facebook Page, your audience, and your customers.

As Facebook explains: “You can use this information to create more of the types of posts that your audience is interested in seeing. You can also learn about when your audience is on Facebook and publish your posts when you’re likely to reach more people.”

To explore the key aspects Facebook Analytics measures, Please, Continue reading.

Using Facebook for your business Page without paying attention to Facebook analytics isn't advisable. Having access to additional information allows you to easily navigate Facebook, allowing you to see what aspects you’re nailing—and what ones miss the target .

Facebook’s free analytics tool, Insights, lets you easily track the performance of your business or Company's Page. With diverse measurable elements—such as Likes, engagement, reach, and demographics—Facebook Insights offers a clear sight of where your social plan stands.

Offering clarity and perspective, Facebook Insights is like a good set of car wipers to help you navigate through your social media strategy .

Facebook Analytics lets you "measure, understand, and optimize the communications people have with your business across all devices and mediums to help gear meaningful growth."

What are the benefits of Facebook Analytics?

*Product examination for driving development to your business.

Facebook Analytics gives you a chance to comprehend and improve your total client journey over mobile, web, bots and the sky is the limit from there.

*Measure across channels

Facebook Analytics binds together information across channels, including Facebook Pages and bots on Messenger, so you can get the entire picture.

*See rich demographics

Understand your clients, and potential clients, at a more profound level with rich socioeconomics and gathering of audiences insights.

*Optimize for development




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